It was just last week, that Jesper Parnevik was raving about how awesome Tiger Woods looked. About how he was “pounding it a mile and flushing everything.”

This, right before the Cat was to roll out and play his first tournament in over a year at the Safeway Open.

And I’ll admit it, I threw some shade over it. And Woods. And said I really didn’t care about it at all. That I had already moved on from Woods and so had the sport overall. And that having seen the disaster that is the Cat not long ago, I was pretty skeptical about what Parnevik was saying.

But hell, who knows? Jesper knows Tiger, was with Tiger, maybe, maybe there was something there. Ehhhh! Obviously not, because no sooner than Parnevik was done talking about the return of the Cat and Eldrick confirmed he would be at the Safeway Open, he just up and pulls out of the event.

How the hell does that work?! He goes into last weekend, all in, ready to roll. And comes out of the weekend saying he’s not playing, and that his game isn’t ready. And from the looks of things, probably won’t play any time soon. Oh, and he said it’s not a physical thing.

So what the hell is it? What the hell is going on with this dude. How do you tell the world, I feel great, I’m ready to roll and here’s where I’m going to make my comeback. Nahhh, actually my game is crap right now, scratch that. I’ll see y’all…maybe…never again.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I have a theory. I’ll tell you what it looks and sounds like. Dude has performance anxiety. Stage fright. The yips have probably come back.

The driver yips. The chip yips. And now he’s freaking out. He’s not coming back now, because his confidence is shot. And so is his game.

I really think he might be done. Because it’s not his back, it’s his dome.

Meanwhile, stop wasting everyone’s time by saying you’re ready when you’re not. And don’t come in here and tell me the sport needs this guy. Needs what? Him jerking everyone’s chain saying he’s coming back and doing great, when he’s not. The sport has turned the page. Maybe it’s time Eldrick did too. Because if there’s nothing with his back, it’s all in his dome, and if that’s the case, we may never see him again.


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