Taking nothing away from the Cubs, who still look like the best team in baseball and the team to beat, but the Giants bullpen did as much to lose that game as the Cubs did to win it.

And that Game 3 win for San Francisco almost made everyone forget about those arsonists in their bullpen; almost made everyone forget how truly horrific that pen is. Almost made you think, everything would be just fine; that all those slugs in the bullpen would just magically rise up in the postseason like all the other Giants do.

Right up until they all dragged their gascans to the mound and proceeded to douse the infield with gasoline and start flicking lit blue tips all over it.

You don’t win anything without having a great bullpen. How do you think they won those three titles in six years. With a lights out bully.

But this was one of the worst in recent memory. They went from being the best team in baseball in the first half to barely eking out a wildcard, and it’s because those gascans on the back end can never get three outs when they need them.

The three they needed last night after Matt Moore pitched his ass off!

He went out there and threw 8 innings looking like the ghost of Carl Freaking Hubbell… Unfortunately, the Giants bullpen went out there and did the opposite. Did the thing it always does. Collapse catastrophically. And five pitchers and four runs later, the implosion was complete — Cubs 6, Giants 5. Series over. Thanks for coming.

Amazing ballgame. Amazing comeback. And just an amazingly atrocious bullpen.

If it weren’t so pathetic it’d actually be impressive.


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