Cam Newton didn’t play Monday night because he sauntered right into oncoming traffic the week before on the goal line, where seemingly he thought he was already in, only to have his dome nearly knocked off his shoulders by Deion Jones. Oh and speaking of traffic, dude was photographed, before Monday’s game, rolling through downtown Charlotte, on a Segway, with no helmet, while still in concussion protocol.

Without question one of the highlights for me of the entire NFL season thus far.

Where should I begin? Well, let’s start with the fact that the league MVP is rolling a Segway. And then that he’s doing it through downtown traffic. Without a helmet. While he’s in the concussion protocol. Incredible.

Because no one was going to notice the town’s most recognizable athlete on a Segway, in traffic. Most recognized, concussed athlete.

That was just going to be ok.?! I don’t want someone telling me how to live my life, so I’m not going to tell someone how to live theirs. But he doesn’t see anything wrong with that? Doesn’t grasp how bad the optics are. Or how dangerous it is.

And the guy was in a terrible car accident two years ago. That dude shouldn’t’ be allowed to leave the facility without his helmet. He should have to drive his car with it.

So, what the hell was he doing on a Segway? In traffic? Without one? Ron Rivera played it off but there’s no way he or the team can be happy about that.

Maybe Cam was running some sort of misdirection; better to answer questions about that, than their 1-4 record.

How can that guy, do something that dumb. I’ll save you the obvious face of the franchise diatribe here because we’ve all heard it a million times. But dude, you are the face of the franchise. Don’t leave that face on the pavement in a Segway accident.


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