Jon Morosi

Info & Stats:  Fox Sports MLB Analyst

All Topics: The original Facebook | Washington D.C. Sports drought | Pressure of Nats | Pressure on Bryce Harper in Game 5 of NLDS vs. Dodgers | Harper’s health | Harvard

Oct 13th 2016

MLB Insider talks postseason.


July 18th 2016

All Topics: Taking the All-Star break off for once | Recharged and ready to go | Boston trading for Drew Pomeranz | AL East | Pomeranz has finally figured it out | Dodgers approach to trade deadline | New York Yankees | Chicago Cubs | Jason Heyward’s struggles | Bryce Harper | Would take Manny Machado over Mike Trout and Bryce Harper if he was starting a team today

JP on the last time the Yankees were sellers at the annual trade deadline: “1989.”


Oct 22nd 2015

All Topics: NLCS | Daniel Murphy making history | Mets heading to the World Series | Mets having a number of home grown players | These Mets players like each other | Mets’ starting pitching being young | Mets’ layoff | Chicago Cubs | Chicago winning 97 games | ALCS |

Jon on who he thinks the Mets will play in the World Series: “I think it’s going to be KC ultimately.”

Jun 25th 2015

All Topics: New evidence on Pete Rose betting on baseball as a player | Rose’s chances at re-instatement | If Rose were re-instated would anyone outside of Cincy hire him? | Rose will be cheered the loudest in Cincy by the fans | Hall of Fame | Veterans committee would handle Rose vote for Hall of Fame enshrinement if he were re-instated | Marvin Miller not being in the Hall of Fame | Josh Hamilton’s relationship with Texas fans |

Jon on how Pete Rose will be received in Cincinnati All-Star week: “I think he may in fact get the single largest ovation of that entire week.”

Apr 10th 2015

All Topics: Bobby Bonilla making twice as much as Matt Harvey this season | First week of the season | Pitching being ahead of the hitters | Limited offense in baseball | Matt Harvey’s return | Harvey’s repertoire | Alex Rodriguez | Rodriguez being five short of Willie Mays in all-time home runs | Thinks A-Rod is in the good grace of Yankee fans as long as he’s hitting | Royals baseball

Jon on what makes Matt Harvey so hard to hit: “The full repertoire.”

Feb 26th 2015

All Topics: Josh Hamilton relapse? | At Angels camp right now | Angels players reaction to Hamilton relapse | Angels management not wanting to talk about Hamilton | Thinks Mike Scioscia and Jerry Dipoto are frustrated with Hamilton | Not exactly sure what Hamilton was in New York for to meet with MLB | Hamilton is in a separate category when it comes to suspensions because of his past | Rob Manfred | Manfred will handle the Hamilton punishment | Hamilton’s future with the Angels | Hamilton always having problems staying healthy |

Jon on Angels’ management’s feeling towards Josh Hamilton: “I think frustration is probably a fair term.”

Dec 11th 2014

All Topics: Andrew Friedman’s moves in Los Angeles | An aggressive re-make of the Dodgers | More balance on the Dodgers team in 2015 | Jimmy Rollins is the perfect guy for L.A. | Matt Kemp heading to San Diego | Kemp will be motivated | Yoenis Cespedes to Detroit for Rick Porcello | The Red Sox rotation right now | Jon Lester signing with the Cubs | Thinks Lester had some hard feelings towards Boston | Joe Maddon in Chicago

J.P. on Matt Kemp in San Diego: “He’s now going to be extremely motivated.”

Oct 29th 2014

All Topics: World Series | KC winning Game 6 10-0 | Game 7 tonight | Can the Giants bounce back | Jeremy Guthrie vs. Tim Hudson tonight | Madison Bumgarner’s availability | What can you expect from Bumgarner tonight? | Ned Yost’s performance in the World Series | Kansas City being a small market team | Bud Selig’s last game |

Jon on how good it would be for the sport if Kansas City wins Game 7: “It would be huge.”


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