Colin Kaepernick and the Niners have restructured his deal, clearing the way for him to play right and become a free agent after the season if that’s what he chooses to do.

It’s a win for the team as it’s no longer on the hook for next season if he gets hurt and can’t pass a physical next April, the very thing that happened last April. So it’s actually good for both sides.

It gives Kaepernick a chance to play and resurrect his career. And it allows the team to keep Blaine Gabbert on the sideline where he belongs without fear of Kaepernick blowing out a knee or a shoulder or both and them being on the hook for his $14 and a half mill next season. So it is the proverbial win-win.

Just don’t expect either the player or the team to win much of anything at all. The only thing I can say about Kaepernick at this point is that he’s better than Gabbert. But how much better?

We know Super Bowl Kap ain’t coming back. That cat is dead and gone. Not is he nowhere the player he was then, he has nowhere near the talent around him, he had then: no longer has that badass defense; he’s no longer surrounded by all the weapons; doesn’t even have whacky Jim Harbaugh, who obviously deserves some of the credit for Kaepernick’s success.

Really, what does he have now? What can you say about the guy other than, he’s not Blaine Gabbert? Last we saw of him, he looked like a shot fighter. And he hasn’t played in a year. And he’s been busted up physically. And it’s just assumed that he’s a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s system. But how do we know that? Last I checked, that system requires quarterbacks to be accurate and to make good decisions, two things Kaepernick is not known for.

So he and the team did the right thing in restructuring that deal. And I’m curious to see what he can do. I’m just really not expecting much at all. Anything other than marginally better than Gabbert would be pretty surprising at this point.


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