Earlier this week, the Nevada State Athletic Commission hit Conor McGregor with a $150 thousand dollar fine and 50 hours of community service in his role for that water bottle and Monster Energy attack on Nate Diaz and his crew at a presser promoting UFC 202.

In case you forgot,….


While water bottles and cans of Monster Energy at each other, is pretty hilarious, it’s not a great look. And you can argue that someone could have gotten hurt. And that you can’t have that sort of thing at a presser.

So sure, Conor had to know he was going to get dinged. It’s sort of like running a red light on camera: you know that ticket is coming in the mail; you just don’t know when and how much it will be for. Now Conor does. $150 gerr.

And now he’s pissed. Did you really thinks this dude was just going scratch them a check for a buck and a half and just write that off as the price of doing business? Hell no.

As usual, Conor thinks he’s the reason any of these people actually have jobs or get paid. Or to put it as only Conor can, quote, “I get fined more than these bums get paid.” Probably so. And you could see where he’d be pissed that they squeezed him that hard for lobbing a few water bottles.

Question is, how pissed? Pissed enough that apparently he’ll never fight in Vegas again.  At least that’s what Dana White said Conor told him.

People are mad at Conor for saying and doing things like that. For acting like he’s bigger than Vegas and that Vegas needs him more than he needs Vegas. Thing is, he’s right.  Vegas does need Conor McGregor more than Conor McGregor needs Vegas. He’s going to put people seats and guarantee huge pay per views, wherever he fights.

But losing him, would be a huge blow for Vegas. He’s been a part of several of their biggest grossing gates ever there. Responsible for bringing millions and millions in every time he shows to fight. And now they could lose all of it.

I get they had to do something; you can’t just have guys chucking cans of Monster Energy and water bottles at each other. But by doing what they did, they may have just put a silver bullet in that cash cow.


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