Anybody, anywhere, have any more questions about Clayton Kershaw on the big stage? About how Clayton Kershaw shows up in the postseason. That rap that he couldn’t get it done when it mattered most was never fair to begin with.

But after seeing his act this week; after seeing him take the ball on short rest, for the fourth October in a row, when no one else ever does that anymore; and seeing him make 110 pitches to get the Dodgers to a Game 5, only to come out of the bullie again last night to slam the door shut on the Nationals in Game 5, this narrative that he can’t get it done in the postseason is dead.

Because Kershaw went absolute legend last night. And manned the hell up the entire series. They won three games, and he pitched in all three; and he did after missing more than two months of the regular season.

This guy is the ultimate horse, and leader. And shouldn’t have been questioned in the first place and will never be questioned again going forward.

Having said that, there are still a few mouth-breathing gas bags trying to shoot this down, saying it’s just one game. It’s just one inning. It’s actually just two outs. Just stop. Quit while you’re behind. Put your shovel down and stop digging.

It was just one game, and just two outs: two outs, two days after the guy made 110 pitches on three day’s rest. And he comes in gets Dodger killer Daniel Murphy, a guy who jumped ship on Kershaw twice in the playoffs last year. Yes, I know it was just seven pitches. But it was just seven pitches because he didn’t need more. That’s a good thing. But not something the coaches wanted.

The guy comes in and picks up a bullpen that completely let him down two days earlier. That’s what your $30m dollar a year guy does. Leads from the front.

Tells the entire Dodger Nation, get on my freaking back, I’ll get us home. And asks for the ball just hours after his manager said there was absolutely no way he could go in Game 5. I know it’s the Divisional Series and not the World Series. I just don’t give a damn.  Dude’s a horse.  And that was amazing thing to see.

And if you had a problem with that, you have a problem with yourself. And the rap that this guy can’t get it in the postseason is dead.


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