New York Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. went off in the second half yesterday, scoring two touchdowns and racking up 211 yards in their 27-23 win over the Baltimore Ravens. However, as The NFL Today on CBS analyst Bart Scott points out, Beckham Jr. still has failed to mature and Scott believes his actions after what turned out to be the game winning score is the case in point.

“He still took his helmet off, 15 yards, hey everybody look at me, make a mockery of himself. You know he’s going out there and proposing to the net. Dude, let it go, grow up,” Scott told The Jim Rome Show. “But that fifteen yards, what if the Ravens had a big return and got out the to 50-yard-line instead of the 30-yard-line because of that penalty, and if something happened, you lost the game. Listen, at the end of the day, you guys aren’t still where you need to be. You guys are still third in the division and a mistake like that can be the difference between going to the playoffs and not going to the playoffs.”

Scott says Beckham Jr. fails to see the big picture of team.

“You just hope the young man can mature and learn,” Scott said. “His chance to right things all want to be a role model to six-year-olds, but then he yells at the ref after getting the touchdown after taking his helmet off after, when his teammates comes over to celebrate, he waves them off, because he wants the cameras to follow while he purposes to the net. I mean, dude, come on man. Like quit self-promoting, that was a tremendous moment for you and your team, and you just ruined it by your shenanigans.”

A few weeks back on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show, Scott said he’d “choke the hell out of Odell Beckham if he came in here with that.” The former linebacker elaborated on why he said that about the Giants star receiver.

“It’s like fake tough guys, right,” Scott said, adding that Beckham gets into it with every cornerback he goes up against. “You don’t see players getting into with Antonio Brown like that. You don’t see people getting into it with Julio Jones like that, and they’re every bit the player, if not a better player, than you. So what it is if it continues to happen, it’s you.

“If you get into it with Xavier Rhodes, who’s not even in your division, there’s no prior history there, but what happens is you want to try and turn up, right before you run out and lower your head, you want to yell at people when you got out of bounds and things like that.”

Scott said it’s obvious Beckham’s antics are top of mind for each opponent he faces now.

“What happens now is he set himself up that he has to be on point every play, every game, because the opponent, the next opponent, is watching the previous matchup and watching what you’re doing and they’re making an emphasis like ok, we know what we got to do. We got to put it on him, we’re going to be physical with him, and protect yourself, because he will try and sneak you by acting like he’s running out of bounds and then turn up and act like he’s running you over,” Scott said. “So now he’s putting himself in a position where he has to be ready to get the opponent’s best and also to get the worst out of the opponent as well, because they’re not going to give him the benefit of the doubt, so he’s going to get poked all the time.

“Poke the bear, they’re going to hit him. They’re going to nudge him. He’s going to bring that part of a player that only usually comes out when you’re going against your divisional opponent that you play against all the time.”

When asked if Beckham Jr.’s style of play is dirty, Scott didn’t believe so.

“It’s not dirty, but it’s like being a fake tough guy,” Scott said. “It’s like the player that pushes you in the back or tries to push you over the pile when the play is clearly over, but he knows he can take the extra step, and the extra step is going to make you fall over the pile. Or he’s a guy that when you’re kind of not looking, he tries to get that extra hit.”


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