You knew it was just a matter of time. And for Odell Beckham, that time was the second half.

Beckham went crazy against the Ravens secondary after halftime, with 211 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the second half alone, pulling out a late-game victory Thanks to his 66 yard touchdown catch with just 1:24 seconds left: 

The Giants playmaker FINALLY made some plays, helping the Giants pull out a win that levels New York’s season at 3-3 and at least keeps them within shouting distance of the 5-1 Cowboys and the 4-2 Redskins.

And then, because he’s Odell Beckham Jr, he went and made it ALL ABOUT HIMSELF.

Look, there’s no denying this guy’s talent. It’s All-World. But at this point, there’s no denying something else about Beckham — it’s ALL ABOUT HIM.

Because it wasn’t enough that he ripped off two long touchdowns and FINALLY broke loose. It wasn’t enough to be hero of the game.

Beckham had to go Rod Tidwell on the joint — tearing off his helmet, prancing around the field, proposing to the FREAKING kicking net… Because this is all about Odell Beckham, not the New York Giants. And at least when Cuba Gooding Jr. was celebrating his big touchdown, he was doing it after he learned something about life.

Because after watching Beckham this weekend, I’m convinced he hasn’t learned a damn thing.

That epic celebration after his second score wasn’t the end of the game. And those 15 yards he got flagged for it almost came back to bite the Giants in the ass in the end.

But because it didn’t, the local honks were loving it — laughing along as Beckham broke the news — HE PROPOSED to the KICKING NET. Because, REMEMBER!, he HATED the kicking net a few weeks ago. HILARIOUS!

Nothing is funny about that bit. Hell, Walt Patulski doesn’t even think that’s funny.

But the Giants get the win and Beckham gets his groove back. And after saying football wasn’t fun anymore, a couple touchdowns and a big afternoon later, and Beckham’s getting ready to take his act on the road — a game in London taking this circus INTERNATIONAL.

Again, I’m not hating on Beckham the player. He’s a freaky talent. But the act is so stale.

It’s all about Odell. It’s all a show. But one that only plays when he’s putting up yards and scoring touchdowns. And when he’s not, he tells everyone the game isn’t as fun as it used to be and looks like he’s on the verge of quitting.

You just never know. It’s a week to week thing with ODB. In the meantime, I’d like to wish he and the net nothing but happiness. They’re perfect for each other.


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