When the going gets tough, Cam gets going. This is not the first time we’ve seen this from Cam?

When things are good, he’s great. And when they’re not, he isn’t. And right now things are not good with the Panthers.

In fact, they’re terrible.

Carolina made the wrong kind of history when their comeback bid fell short against the Saints yesterday, 41-38. That makes them the first Super Bowl team to ever fire out 1-5 the following season. No one has fallen farther, faster than the Panthers, who are now 0-3 in the NFC South and have lost 4 in a row overall.

I get that they were 3-9-1 in 2014 before roaring back to win the division. But they weren’t looking up at a good Atlanta Falcons team the way they are now. And unless they run the table or something close to it, they’re probably dead in the water already. And Cam must know it, because just as he did in the Super Bowl when things didn’t go his way, he yanked the rip chord on his presser yesterday 90 seconds into it.

Cam. Come on man. You should just be past this by now. Way past it. Then again, if you’re rolling your Segway through downtown Charlotte, in traffic, without a helmet, while still in concussion protocol, then you’re probably not. But you should be. Just as you should know you bailing on pressers is tired. That as the face of the franchise, you have to stand up there and deal with the heat. Take the good with the bad.

And not doing, and busting out 90 seconds in, is just going to bring more negative attention to you and the fact that your team is the league’s biggest disappointment this year. I’m not saying it’s all on you. Far from it. This team has plenty of problems. But if you bail on a presser like that, everyone is going to start with you. And that’s a lesson you should have learned already. Especially, since you pulled the same nonsense after last year’s Super Bowl.


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