If going into Lambeau and doing the Packers wasn’t a signature game for Dak Prescott, I’m not sure what is.

I know this, it was impressive enough to say, Tony Romo isn’t getting his gig back when he returns. They may not have told him that, but you have to think after seeing Prescott play like that, on that big a stage, they’ve already made up their mind. And Romo has to know it.

Just as he has to know, this is now Prescott’s team. He’s missed all of this season, and most of last season. He’s 36 now, and a lot of these guys don’t even know what it’s like to play with a healthy, effective Romo.

So while not official, you have to think we saw the passing of the torch yesterday.

The shock won’t be if Romo doesn’t get his job back, it will be if he does.

Fact is, it is really hard to win in the NFL. And the Cowboys are winning. Five straight. And they’re getting better and better week to week.

You don’t jack with that. You don’t disrupt the flow and rhythm of a young Q.B. and the team that is now following him into battle. You play that hot hand.

Again, they haven’t just found their quarterback of the future; they have found their Q.B. of right now.

And save this nonsense about how you can’t lose your job to injury. Absolutely you can. And it happens all the time. And it’s going to happen here too.

If for whatever reason, Prescott falters, and it’s hard to imagine that happening, given the line he has in front of him, a star in Ezekiel Elliott behind him and Dez Bryant coming back, if he falters, then you have a great insurance policy in Romo when he comes back. If he falters.

If he doesn’t, you have to assume the team has already moved beyond Romo. He had his time. Now it’s Dak’s.  Romo had a great run in Dallas but it’s time to start a new one. With a new gun. Dak’s team, Dak’s time.



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