Vontaze Burfict is probably going to be hearing from the league office any time now. And he’ll be finding out whether he’s playing on Sunday or simply scratching off another big check to the league for his low hit on Martellus Bennett.

And according to multiple reports, Burfict’s history will be a factor in the discipline decision. Right. As it should be. And if it is, a fine won’t nearly be enough. Let me make this simple: a check isn’t enough. Because Vontaze Burfict might just be the dirtiest player in the NFL.


Want further proof? Just pop in the same tape from Sunday’s game and watch him stomp on LeGarrette Blount’s leg.

Pretty strange behavior for a guy who already served a three-game suspension THIS SEASON for the cheap shot on Antonio Brown in the playoffs.

2013 – three separate fines for incidents that included spearing, hitting a defenseless player, and striking a player in the groin.

2014 – twisting the ankles of Cam Newton and Greg Olsen.

2015 – three separate incidents in one game against the Steelers alone in Week 13. Then another incident in Week 17. And then the meltdown in the playoffs.

And now, in his third game back after his three game suspension, he goes low on Bennett. Apparently he apologized to Bennett after the game, but there’s absolutely no credit for that. Because the benefit of the doubt went out the window a long time ago for Burfict.

Then again, to hear Burfict tell it, he probably didn’t have a choice. He told Bleacher Report a week ago that “Even though I think going low is a coward’s way, but without getting a flag, that’s the good way to go about it. That’s what the NFL is making it into. I’d rather hit a guy up high than mess a guy’s knee up.”

Wait, what? You’d rather hit a guy up high than mess his knee up? Because that hit on Bennett looked like it was practically designed to shred his knee. And yes, I know it’s getting harder and harder to play defense, especially with how the league has cracked down on headshots. But there’s a big difference between not taking off a guy’s head and diving at the back of his legs nowhere near the ball. A lot of other guys have figured that out, but Burfict doesn’t seem to have bothered.

Because this is who the guy is. It’s who he’s been throughout his career in the NFL. It’s who he was in his three-seasons at Arizona State. Hell, it’s who he was as a linebacker in high school here in Orange County. Matt Barkley was calling this guy a dirty player for his cheap shots as a teenager!

And when a guy is cheapshotting like that after missing three games for a cheap shot, something tells me that just hitting him in the wallet isn’t going to send a message. And there’s no place in the game for that garbage. The league keeps telling him that and obviously dude couldn’t care less. Because he keeps doing it.


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