Info & Stats: Retired Forward

All Topics: Miss opening night, not training camp | Life after basketball | Trying to partner with cool people and trying to do cool things | Steve Clifford’s praise of him | Preparation was his thing | Kind of surreal to see Dwyane Wade in a Bulls uniform | Chris Bosh’s health | Retirement is scary | Transition in life | Not having a schedule | Kevin Durant’s decision to go to Golden State | Biggest challenge for Golden State | Not being cool growing up | Embracing his inner Urkel as a kid | Time at Duke | Gave everything I had to Coach K

Oct 18th 2016

Shane on life after the NBA: “Miss opening night, training camp you can have it.”


July 9th 2013

All Topics: Back to Back NBA Championships | The second title was a little tougher than the first | Mountain Top | Next season will be even tougher | Game 6 vs. San Antonio | 25 seconds left in Game 6 | Going from a Turd Sandwich to Rib-eye | Just wanting to pull his weight in Game 7 of the NBA Finals | Basketball gods | Loving the game of basketball | The will to prepare begins to weaken the older you get | LeBron James’ MJ moment |  Lake Tahoe Golf Tournament | Will beat Barkley in the Tournament |

Shane compares title No.2 to his first: “It was a little tougher.”


Mar 26th 2013

All Topics: 27 straight wins | Our locker room being very loose | Just trying to sharpen themselves for the Playoffs | Not trying to beat the 71-72 Lakers streak of 33 consecutive wins | The team being through quite a bit the past few years | The maturity of LeBron | LeBron getting to a point where didn’t care what others thought | LeBron taking his game to another level | LeBron knows he’s the baddest man on the block now | Could the streak cost them? | We are preparing for the Playoffs | Not playing great on the road against the great defensive teams | The ring | Can charge more for speeches now with a ring | Maximizing teams is why you play | First dunk in four years | His son seeing him dunk in person | Thinks Trey Burke was the best player in the best college basketball conference this year |

Shane on the vibe around the team after winning 27 consecutive games: “We do not talk about it in the locker room.” 


Jun 26, 2012:

Shane on winning a NBA Championship: “Well, it feels pretty special and pretty amazing.”


Jun 21, 2011:

Shane on his future in the league: “Want to enjoy the ride, because I don’t have that many years left.”


Mar 10, 2011:

Shane on being traded: “It’s always shocking.”


Nov 15, 2010:

Topics: Beating the Knicks | 1-6 start | Injuries | Coming off a road trip | We have a relaxed group | Rick Adelman | Poor record of health over the last 5 years | We seem to circle the wagons when someone gets injured | Chuck Hayes defense at 6’ 4” | Thinks they have a talented team; just need to stay healthy | Yao Ming | You are proud to play with someone like Yao Ming | Yao takes pride | Exhibition games in China | Yao is like a Beatle over there | His Karaoke performance in China | Have to give the people what they want | Rocking out to Neil Diamond |



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