Odell Beckham Jr. still doesn’t get it. Even when the guy balls out and the Giants win, he still loses.

I’m talking about his act Sunday against the Ravens. It wasn’t enough for him to score a 66 yard t.d. to give his team the lead late in the fourth quarter. Should have been his biggest moment of the year; and a message to his teammates, you can count on me! I’m not going to do anything to hurt us ever again. I’m all about you fellas! I’m about team!  Should have gone like that but of course, it didn’t. You can’t be all about team, when you’re always looking to make it about you. Which is what he did, ripping off his bonnet and running to the kicking net to go all lame sketch comedy with it, proposing to the net.  A truly whack moment if there ever was one.

There’s nothing cool or fresh about proposing to the kicking net. It’s lame. And it’s not funny. But I’ll tell you what is: him getting dinged with a 15 yard penalty and costing his team the game because of it; something that damn near happened.

I mean, is there anyone, anywhere, who thought that was funny? I know his coach, Ben McAdoo didn’t. He said as much, quote, “We can’t have it. He knows that. We need to keep our focus on the game.”  He obviously doesn’t know that, or he wouldn’t have ripped his helmet off in the first place.

And I’ll tell you another guy who’s sick of ODB’s act. The guy responsible for getting him the ball. Eli Manning. And the next critical thing this guys say about anyone in public, will be the first: and even he went in on Beckham on WFAN.

Wake up ODB! A guy who never says anything about anybody is lighting you on New York’s biggest radio station; and the only reason a guy like that would ever do that, is if he tried to reach you privately and it didn’t work. So he felt like he had no choice to break out his megaphone and do it publicly.

I don’t care how much game you have, that act wears thin quickly; and it wears your teammates and coaches out. And at some point, they just decide you’re no longer worth it.  Ask Chad Johnson.  Or T.O.

I’m not saying you can’t play with emotion. I’m saying you can’t play with ignorance.  Fall in line, stop making it about yourself, leave your helmet on, and stop trying to get everyone to look at you. Because doing so nearly cost your team a game it had to win…even as you were having a career day.


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