Hour 1

Championship Series Reaction | Maurice Jones-Drew (NFL) Interview | Von Miller (NFL) Interview


Hour 2

Vontaze Burfict Fine | Red Robin Thicke Chat | Hoodie vs. Tablets


Hour 3

Cub vs. Dodger Fan | TRT’s Baseball Career | Jonathan Casillas (NFL) Interview



Von Miller     

Super Bowl 50 MVP on Brock Osweiler signing with Houston: “He’s at an organization that loves him, a city that loves him.”


Maurice Jones-Drew

MJD on the Green Bay Packers: “I firmly believe they will draft a receiver in the first round.”


Jonathan Casillas

Giants’ linebacker on Odell Beckham Jr. proposing to the net: “I don’t get to see all of 13’s antics during the game.”



Cubs Get Blanked Again

Cubs fan: how you livin’ today. I’m guessing not nearly as well as you were 24 hours ago.
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Hoodie vs. Tablet

The Hoodie is back at it. And he ripped off another Hall-of-Fame level press session this week, just adding to his legend as he went nuclear on an unlikely opponent: The Microsoft Surface.
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Stand Down, Vontaze

Scratch the check, keep moving, be glad they didn’t suspend you again.
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TRT Did It

Tim Tebow got a hit. Timothy Tebow got his first hit in the Arizona Fall League.
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