The Hoodie is back at it. And he ripped off another Hall-of-Fame level press session this week, just adding to his legend as he went nuclear on an unlikely opponent: The Microsoft Surface.

Because the Hood has NO TIME for the league’s official tablet. Actually, scratch that. He’s got over 5 minutes of time for the league’s official tablet, going on an epic rant that trashed the Surface, the league’s handling of all things sideline communication and technology, before deciding he’s going old school after spiking what he thought was a malfunctioning tablet:


Never mind that Microsoft is scratching out 80 MILLION A YEAR to the league. Never mind that the league took about two minutes to get a press release out to try to get ahead of this thing. Too late, Hoody vaporized it:


Darren Rovell reports that the league won’t fine Belichick for his statement, which is mighty big of them. And in their statement of support, the league went out of its way to applaud their technology partner; all to make sure those checks keep clearing, even if the league’s best coach thinks the product is garbage:

“Since Microsoft has been a partner of the NFL and implemented their technology on our sidelines, the efficiency and speed of communication between coaches has greatly increased,” the league’s statement read. “As with any technology, there are multiple factors that can cause issues within our sideline communications system either related to or outside of Microsoft’s technology. We continue to work with all of our partners to ensure the best systems are in place to give our clubs the greatest chance for success on a weekly basis.”

“As with any technology, there are multiple factors that can cause issues with our sideline communications system either related to or outside of Microsoft’s technology.”

What could they mean by that? Are they saying that Belichick, a 64-year-old first-time grandpa who couldn’t set his car’s clock in an episode of The Football Life… might struggle with technology?

And the only thing worse than the Hood calling the Surface worthless, is everyone else referring to it as their IPad. Like… I don’t know what Belichick is so bent about; we love using the iPad. On the sideline, during practice, honestly, I have no idea how we ever managed without our IPad.

How hyped do you think Microsoft is? You’re paying $80 mill a year to hear the greatest coach in league history call your product garbage. And the folks who like it are giving all the credit to Apple.

I just wish I could have been there the first time the Hood broke it out. He was probably just like the rest of us trying to use a Microsoft product — slamming a keyboard to the ground and hammering the Control+Alt+Delete when the machine freezes up.


Hoodie’s done. He’s going back to the Polaroids and paper.




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