Info & Stats: Former NFL Running Back

All Topics: London trip is a tough task | Doesn’t have a problem with Odell Beckham Jr.’s antics | The problem is the way Eli Manning’s playing not Beckham’s antics | Dallas Cowboys quarterback controversy | Dak Prescott is the man in Dallas | Aaron Rodgers’ struggles

Oct 19th 2016

MJD on the Green Bay Packers: “I firmly believe they will draft a receiver in the first round.”


Oct 21st 2015

All Topics: Retirement | He and Ike Taylor enjoying retirement together | Decision to retire | Seattle Seahawks struggles | Seattle’s focus | Carolina Panthers | Cam Newton’s weapons | Denver Broncos | Peyton Manning’s play | Broncos’ defense | Denver’s offensive line struggles | Wade Phillips | Buffalo defensive players questioning their scheme | Cincy is hot | European trip |

MJD on Cam Newton’s 2015 Season: “He’s playing at MVP level right now.”


Sep 16, 2011:

MJD’s thoughts when he heard David Garrard was cut: “Very shocked.”


Nov 18, 2010:

Topics: Hail Mary pass to beat Houston | Didn’t even know Mike Thomas caught the Hail Mary pass at 1st | We never practice the Hail Mary | The team is working hard and it’s paying off now | David Garrard | Garrard’s play | The Jaguars go as Garrard goes | Cleveland Browns | Browns playing good now | A lot of his friends play on Cleveland | Growing up in the Bay | Our offensive line has been blocking well all season | Fantasy Football | Marcedes Lewis being a ball hog | Arian Foster | Foster fits Houston’s scheme well | Fantasy Football advice | Always go with your studs in Fantasy | Diamond In The Rough for Fantasy playoffs; LeGarrette Blount, Mike Williams, Mike Thomas | Aaron Kampman | Losing Kapman |


Aug 18, 2010:

Topics: Off-season | Had 2nd child; a little girl | Twitter | Always have to work | How body responds to the workload of a season | Train my body to get the most touches ever | Fred Taylor | Taylor’s advice on workout regiment | I have a certain routine I stick with | Weight lifting | Bench pressing 400 pounds is easy | Fantasy football | Draft philosophy | Stephen Jackson | Jackson in fantasy football | Drafting yourself | If you listen to my radio show you would know I go number 1 | Chris Johnson | Johnson going for 2,500 rushing yards | Brett Favre | Favre circus | Pissed off at NFL Draft about not going 1st overall |


Feb 01, 2010:

Topics: Becoming who he is today and accomplishments achieved | Feeling overlooked after being taken 60th in the draft | Coming in through an opened door as a 5’9″ guy | Role models growing up | Playing in his first Pro Bowl last night | Hanging out with Peyton Manning | Working with Gatorade this week.




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