New York Giants kicker Josh Brown is a terrible a human being—not my words. His.

If you’ll recall, Brown was suspended for the season opener because of a 2015 arrest for domestic violence, something that back in August he called a single “moment in time.”  Yeah, turns out that might not have been true.

These documents include letters, emails, and journal entries written by Brown himself. And what they reveal is disturbing. Among the things that Brown has written are: “I have abused my wife.” That he hurt his now ex-wife “physically, emotionally and verbally,” that he “had been a liar for most of my life.” That he’d been abusive to women since he was 7 years old. That he was addicted to porn. And that he viewed himself as God and his then wife as a slave.

Utterly horrifying admissions. His ex-wife had told police that Brown had been violent with her on more than 20 occasions. That he had thrown her to the floor, jumped on her, kicked chairs at her, and more.

So while technically, all of this information is new, it’s not exactly surprising. And it makes the fact that he was suspended for just one game seem like a total joke.

Again, just to recap, Tom Brady sits out four games for allegedly being involved in deflating footballs and smashing his phone, Josh Brown sits out one game for getting violent with a woman.

And if you think that bringing a sledgehammer to Brady isn’t going to be brought up every time a guy gets a slap on the wrist for hitting a woman, you’re wrong. Because it will. And it should.

Remember back in December 2014 when the league unveiled its new domestic violence policy that called for players to be suspended for 6 games for a first offense? I’m not sure the league does, since it’s never been applied.

What’s the point of having a policy if you’re not going to use it?

But it’s not just the league. The Giants have a role here too. And, incredibly, they re-signed him to a two year deal amidst all of this. The team owner, John Mara, went on record this summer saying, “I believe in all the facts and circumstances and we’re comfortable with our decision to resign him.”

The Giants are a class team and a class organization, but I’m guessing they’d like to have that one back. At least I’m hoping they are. And they better not let him on the plane to London today for the game against the Rams.

In fact, I’m not even sure why they brought him back in the first place. It’s not like it’s Eli Manning we’re talking about. He’s a kicker. A 37-year-old kicker who was charged with domestic violence. If there was ever a chance to flex your muscles on the domestic violence policy and show you mean business, it’s with a 37-year-old kicker.

That was an easy move for the team and the league and they both punted. And doing that, in this situation, sure makes it look like, for all their talk, that folks in football still aren’t taking domestic violence seriously. As long as you can kick a ball, who cares if you throw a woman to the ground?


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