Cubs fans — I get it. I feel you. What an incredible scene after Game Six — 300,000 people swarming Wrigley Field to be a part of the celebration, the Cubbies in their first World Series since 1945.

But, you do realize that getting to the World Series isn’t winning the World Series, right? You do know those tears of joy — grown men, hugging each other in the streets and crying — are worth nothing if you don’t finish the job.

Don’t tell me the curse is lifted because you got there. Don’t tell me that this was the big moment — just getting the monkey off your back and getting to the Series.

Because it’s not. You don’t kill a curse by getting to the big dance. You kill it by beating the Indians.

The Cubs know it. Theo knows it. Joe Maddon knows it.

But watching that mob scene on Saturday night, I felt like someone owed it to Grandma Dorothy and those 50-year-old dudes squeezed into their Ryne Sandberg jerseys, that there’s a whole ‘nother series that starts on Tuesday and the Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948 — 68 years of futility of their own.

So nobody’s just going to give this thing to you. Not because of the Billy Goat or Steve Bartman. Or because your old man was a Cubs fan and before that his old man was a Cubs fan, and before that, his old man was a Cubs fan, too.

I get it. You guys are pumped. It’s been a long time. And I think you’re going to pull it off. And there’s no crime for celebrating that win on Saturday — watching your team take an axe to the Dodgers, knocking around Clayton Kershaw and then just sucking the life out of the Dodgers with one of the most impressive series-clinching wins I’ve ever seen.

But it’s not over. So while I appreciate that tender moment I watched some of you have — just a couple of guys letting their feelings out after watching their team win a big series — it all means nothing if the Cubs don’t finish the job.


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