Buried underneath the World Series and the Cavs getting their rings is the debut of Kevin Durant for the Warriors tonight. The dubs tip off against the Spurs in their season opener at Oracle as 10 point favorites.

One only thing is certain. Only guarantee here: reaction to whatever Durant does, good or bad, will be over the top.

If he goes for 25 points and has 8 dimes and the Warriors roll, then you can expect to hear from every talking head about how this team is unbeatable—how Adam Silver should just rip the Larry O’Brien from LBJ and personally walk it over from Cleveland to Oakland.

And that Durant couldn’t win in OKC, so he had to go to No-Cal to gravy train the Warriors who already won one without him, and were a game away last season from winning a second.

I’m really looking forward to the genius in those hot takes. About as much as I’m looking forward to hearing all the rocket scientists start dropping knowledge if Durant is off tonight…, or doesn’t get involved, or isn’t aggressive, or the offense looks clunky…, then the reaction will be, that’s why you don’t bring that guy in. What were they thinking? Just one ball, people: how the hell were they supposed to keep everyone happy? Answer; they couldn’t. You knew this couldn’t work. Or you would have if you just listened to what I’ve been saying all offseason. Etc.

Memo to the hot take nation. Shut your hole. In fact, don’t even watch tonight’s Warriors game. Better, don’t watch them play until next spring. Because no one is playing for a ring tonight. This is just one of 82.

Of course it’s going to take time for this crew to jell. And time is obviously on their side. They have six months to figure this thing out: and if there’s any team, any coach and any organization where a move like this makes sense, it’s this one.

So I know you hot takers are going to want to either crown the dubs or crack them for what you think is the worst move ever, tonight, but don’t do it: let the debate shows do what they have to do to stretch 22 minutes. I’m not doing it.

Just enjoy the fact that you’ve got Game One of the World Series and the Association tipping off with the two best in the West. Enjoy and don’t wreck with your Durant hot takes and overreactions.


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