Spurs 129, Warriors 100. Which means every website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, MySpace page and hell, probably even a few geocities pages were coming with the heat this morning.

Each one more awful than the last. I could recap them all, but there’s really no point. I’ll just leave it to the Warriors Twitter account, which simply posted: “Welp.”

Yep, that about sums it up. No need for anyone’s take on why this was more than one loss. Or why Kevin Durant ruined the Warriors. Or why Durant made the wrong choice by going to Golden State.

Or why Cleveland beating New York by 29 shows they’re closer to the Finals than the Warriors are.

Or why Steve Kerr should think about re-working his lineup or maybe this team doesn’t have the chemistry we thought it did.

It’s one game. And it’s one game against a team that won 67 of them last year. A team that had Kawhi Leonard go for 35 and LaMarcus Aldridge for 26 and 14.

Yeah, nobody expected San Antonio to show up like that and blow their doors off, just like nobody expected a former d-leaguer like Jonathan Simmons to go for 20 against a team that won 73 last year or the Warriors to shoot 21% from three.

But it’s not like they just went out and lost by 30 to the Brooklyn Nets. And based on the laugh that Kerr and Pop had during the postgame handshake, I don’t get the sense that Kerr is freaking out. Nor should he.

And the players aren’t either. Steph Curry called it “a nice little slap in the face.” Draymond Green said, “We got punched in the mouth. I don’t know if it was quite a bad thing.”

So to recap – the team lost a game. Faces got punched. And guys got woken up. And it wasn’t quite a bad thing. Well, actually it was if you had to suffer through everyone’s zinger about 73-9, more like 9-73. That was quite a bad thing. A really, really bad thing. And a really, really dumb thing.

It’s one game. And while I didn’t see a beatdown like that coming, I could see the overreaction from a thousand miles away: which is why yesterday, I showed up to all the hot takers who I knew would be spewing lava from their holes this morning.

Knew it was coming, in fact guaranteed it but it doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Just one game. Means nothing. Shut your holes.



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