Nobody thought the Knicks were going to walk into Cleveland and beat the Cavs on the night they hung the banner and got their rings. But damn — Night one for Philip’s reconstructed roster was a disaster.

Because this team looks terrible. And that Super Team that D Rose was talking about this offseason lost by 29, with the Knicks turning the ball over early and often, helping the Cavs put together a highlight reel that should last them well into November.

Again – ONE GAME DOES NOT MAKE A SEASON. But these guys looked every bit as bad as everyone expected. Because instead of spending the preseason gelling, D Rose was off in Civil Court defending himself and airing he and his buddies’ dirty laundry. So instead of getting to know a new offense, new teammates, and a new coach, he’s trying to do that against the defending world champs and LeBron, Kyrie, K-Love and the boys. That worked.

The Triangle wouldn’t be that foreign if you were out there in the preseason Derrick. It wouldn’t be something you’re still getting used to if you put in the time on the court with your new teammates.

At this point — I’m less interested in watching this team and seeing if they can get their act together, and more curious when Rose sits out his first game.

Let’s be real. There’s wanting to do well for your new organization, teammates and fans. And then there’s being concerned about how you’re going to feel sitting in board meetings and going to your kids’ graduations long after you retire.

And I think we know what’s more important to Rose. Eyes on the target, D. Making that extra pass and learning to play without the ball isn’t the thing; feeling awesome at your kid’s high school graduation is.

So congrats to Philip for going Rex Ryan on the league, and winning the offseason with their moves to pick up Joakim Noah, Rose and Courtney Lee. Now let’s see if they can actually get anything out of them.

Because Lee and Rose were a combined -38 on the night. Lee and Noah went DOUGHNUT in the scoring ledger — exactly ZERO POINTS on the evening. And the Knicks are playing defense just like we expected, a group of matadors pulling that cape away as soon as the Cavs got running.


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