Joel Embiid wasn’t the only guy in a Philly gamer who went off last night. And as explosive as he was on the court, he was nowhere near as explosive as some old-timer in an Iverson throwback underneath the basket.

I tweeted it out last night, but I’ll tweet it out again right now because the video is absolutely amazing.

Russell Westbrook goes 1-on-3 on a fast break, splits the defenders, and throws up an absolutely amazing layup, and gets fouled. Seriously. It’s an amazing play. The kind of play that gets you a standing ovation, even on the road.

Well, except for in Philly. Where it did get one dude off his seat, just so he could throw double guns at Westbrook and scream BLEEP YOU.


It’s maybe the most incredible Vine in the history of the internet. Because this isn’t some half-hearted middle finger. Pops is flipping the bird as no one ever has before. Absolutely no regard for human life.

He’s coming in with the hottest, most foul venom, IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON. But don’t tell that guy. He’s treating it like Game 7 of the Finals.

Westbrook’s reaction is amazing. He points at him and looks around like, “What? Who are you? What is your deal?” Anyone else see that? Can that dude just do that?

Russ was asked about it afterwards, and he was still confused: “Uh yeah, I know, that’s crazy, right? I turned a new leaf, though. I leave that alone, because that cost me $25,000 last time. The fan, he’ll be all right. They can say whatever they want to the players and do what they want, but my job is to play basketball, and that’s what I do.”

And Philly fan is belligerent, that’s what they do. Turns out this guy was escorted from his seat a few minutes later. Makes sense. Ushered from his seat and into the Philly Fan Hall of Fame, no doubt. Greatest moment for a Philly fan since that one guy climbed a traffic light and got drilled with a Grey Goose bottle.

Don’t change, Philly fan. Don’t ever change. I know you won’t.


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