Info & Stats:  Former Indiana University Basketball Player

All Topics: New Book, On The Rebound: ‘Jadlow: On The Rebound.’ | His backstory | 3 years sober now | The craziness of his life | Playing for Bobby Knight in the last 80s | Going to jail | Growing up in Kansas | Always wanting to play at KU | Visiting IU | Bobby Knight recruiting him | Families reaction to him deciding to go to IU | Playing for Bob Knight | John Feinstein’s ‘A Season On The Brink’ was his freshman year chronicled | Pure hell his freshman year at IU | Knight’s rage | Knight did get physical at times | Knight punched him in the back of the head | Knight breaking a clipboard over his head | Still has respect for Coach Knight | IU fans are incredible | Reaction from IU fans | Life after IU | Trying cocaine for the first time | Cocaine addiction | Columbian drug cartels | Luxury of a basketball contract overseas | Losing his short term memory because of drugs | DUI’s | Jail | 2 DUI’s in one day | Meeting Mike Tompkins | The decisions he made were his fault

Oct 27th 2016

Former IU player talks about his New Book, ‘Jadlow: On The Rebound.’


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