Cubs fans — not exactly the weekend you were looking for. Because when I was taking calls from every corner of the country from people who were heading to Wrigleyville this weekend, I’m not sure any of you thought you’d be seeing THAT. Because the first three home World Series games in a generation nearly ended in catastrophe, with Jon Lester and Aroldis Chapman salvaging a Game 5 win to send the series back to Cleveland with the Cubbies chasing two wins.

Because 108 years just ran into BE-LEVELAND. And that pile of cash you burned to get into the game — or the neighborhood bar — you better go back to the piggy bank, because there are two more in Cleveland that you need to win to pull this one out. About the only people in Chicago who won this weekend were the ticket scalpers and the local bar owners.

You’ve likely heard the talk by now. The blowback as Cubs fans emerge from the dark corners, that new lid or throwback jersey fresh off the rack, just in time for the parade. And you didn’t exactly help yourselves the past couple weeks –singing and dancing in the streets after winning the NLCS, serenading the stadium after staving off elimination last night — a nice moment for sure, but one where — once again — it feels like we need to remind you, “You know you’re still down three games to two, right?”

I don’t doubt that there are some HARDCORE Cubs fans out there. People who filled those seats before it was a must-attend event on the social calendar. Fans who knew who Kyle Schwarber was before last week. But then again, I know where the other side is coming from. Because when Mike Leach — a guy mid-season coaching College Football can come off the top rope — there might be a shred of truth to it all.

So you may want this thing. But guess what — those lunatics in Cleveland might want it even more than you. Because it’s one thing to drop 4 grand on a ticket to get you in the doors of Wrigley. It’s another to PACK the yard when your teams playing an AWAY GAME. That’s what Cleveland fans are doing. That’s what’s going down in the new-found City of Champions. Because 62,000 FANS came out to the ballpark in Cleveland to watch the games together on the jumbotron. That’s a different level of insanity.

So how badly do you want it? Enough to pack the rig and head to Cleveland? Enough to drop everything — and a few grand — to get tickets to be there, to watch them win it on foreign soil? Make no mistake, the Cubs are good enough to win these last two games. They’ve got pitching, they’ve got depth, they’ve got Schwarber back at DH.

But it won’t come easy.


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