Same old Bills. Knocked the hell out by the Patriots. Again. Same old Rex Ryan, popping off and unable to back up any of the junk he was talking, and looks ridiculous once again. The Pats go into Buffalo’s house and beat the hell out of them. And Rex is obviously never going to learn. He was walking around, with his chest out, and running his mouth like he had just won the Super Bowl when he got to 4-2. Only to lose to Miami and have the Pats come in and humiliate and hammer them once again. And now it looks like they’re going to miss the playoffs again. I know this, they’re not winning the AFC East. Hell, even Rex knows that.

Rex is right. He’s not winning the AFC East this year. In fact, he’s never going to win that division; not while the hoodie is still coaching in it. Of course you’re playing for a wildcard. You always have and you always will, as long as Belichick is in the same division. You can’t match wits with the guy and you’l never have the players he has. And even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. Because you’re always going to be going up against this guy with the same undisciplined team that we saw completely unravel yesterday.

In the meantime, what’s the big fella got to say for himself. Essentially nothing. What could he say after Belichick and Tom Brady turned him inside-out yet again. Oh, there was one thing: he did use injuries as an excuse, quote: “it’ll be nice one day to sit back and have a full roster. We’ve got to get them all healthy and then we’ll be able to evaluate this team a little bit better.” That’s the best you can do after suffering another Patriot curb-stomping?! Your team was banged up. Just wait until we’re healthy and they get us best shot? Lame, Rex. Really lame. No one cares about your problems or your injuries, big fella. Every team has them. And no one uses them as an excuse. They’re part of the game. Take the Pats, for instance. Remember when you shut them down in Foxoboro and you were acting like you had just won the Super Bowl? Who did you beat that? That’s right. A rookie third stringer, Jacoby Brissett. And you didn’t hear the hoodie saying, “just wait. Just wait until we get 12 back.” He never said that. But you just did. Another reason why you’ll never be this guy or beat him when it matters. You pop off when you really don’t accomplish anything and have an excuse handy when you lose. Belichick does neither.

And what about that defense of yours? Are you an alleged defensive genius? And didn’t you bring in your brother because you think he’s the best dee coordinator in the league? Then how do you explain that unit get torched again, yesterday? Sure it looks decent against rookie third stringers, but never against elite q.b.’s. And you really hadn’t faced one until yesterday. And look what happened.

Hate to say it, Bills mafia; you’re back at .500, the schedule is pretty unforgiving and it looks like you’re going to miss the playoffs. Again. And as usual, your coach is talking a bunch of junk that neither he nor his players can back up.



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