After taking a number of shots on Sunday, Cam Newton said he’s not having nearly as much fun and doesn’t feel safe out there and that he plans on voicing his concern to the commissioner.  Steelers offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert can’t believe what he’s hearing.  He protects Ben Roethlisberger and said: “Ben gets hit more than anybody in the league and he never complains.  C’mon man.  This is the game of football.  If you’re out there and you’re scared to take a shot, then don’t be out there, especially if you’re a running quarterback.  (defenses) are going to take shots at you. Just the way, his style of playing football, how he celebrates, I guess he gives the guys a chip, like let’s go hit the reigning NFL MVP.”

The guy isn’t afraid to take a shot.  And he’s not saying he doesn’t want to get hit.  What he’s saying is, he’s not getting the calls other quarterbacks are getting.  And he wants to know why. He’s not saying don’t hit me; he’s saying if a guy hits me helmet to helmet or below the knee, throw the flag.  He knows he’s going to take some licks running the football; he’s talking about the illegal shots he’s taking in the pocket.  Again, why are other guys getting those calls and he’s not.  You can’t say Tom Brady wouldn’t have gotten that call when Calais Campbell rolled up on Newton’s knee sunday. Or that Peyton Manning wouldn’t have gotten that call back in the day. And you can’t just say, yeah, well he’s Tom Brady!  Right.  And Cam Newton is the MVP of the league. Hell, according to ESPN, Tyrod Taylor has received more personal foul flags than Cam has.

Marcus Gilbert: his other point is, Newton has a target on his back; he’s the league MVP. And he loves celebrating on guys therefore they’re going to take their shots at him when they can: I’m sure getting trucked by a QB isn’t a good look for a corner, or a safety or a linebacker. Just as I’m sure he rubs a lot of people the wrong way with his attitude and his celebration. But it doesn’t mean you can take out this guy’s knees or hit him in the head in the pocket. Just because the guy is bigger and stronger than a lot of the guys trying to knock him down doesn’t mean it’s not a penalty. Newton knows what he signed up for. He just wants to make sure the refs know what they signed up for. And that they’re doing their job.


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