After yet another win by the Dak Prescott-helmed Cowboys on Sunday, this time, a dramatic, come from behind job, against a divisional rival, because Prescott struggled most of the game, there still seems to be a question of whether or not he keeps his gig once Tony Romo is ready to play. And the answer is, nothing has changed. In fact, if anything, showing up the way he did late in the game and balling out the way he did should only strengthen his position: hell no, you don’t give that gig back to Romo when he’s ready.

Here’s the clear cut, number one reason why the Cowboys don’t sit Dak to start Tony Romo: BECAUSE THEY’RE WINNING GAMES. It doesn’t take a NASA engineer to compute that when something ain’t broke, you don’t fix it.

The Cowboys are an NFC best 6-1 right now –and that the team to beat in that conference. What kind of message would it send to a team as hot as any in the NFL if you bench their QB? Particularly when the guy you want to replace him with a 36-year-old that is scotch taped together like a crappy arts and craft project.

Tony Romo hasn’t been out because he was suspended, like Tom Brady. He’s been recovering from a significant injury. Yet again. Why would you rush that guy back into action unless it were dire?

You don’t sit the hottest quarterback in the NFC for a guy who has been barely functional for a year unless you want to send a very clear message that winning is secondary to playing favorites. It’s an absurd notion, and even crazier is the fact that so much of Cowboys Nation is letting nostalgia blind them to the fact that they are WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES.

I’m not saying that there aren’t some kinks that need to be worked out before the playoffs. Dak is still a rookie, and there are times where the decision making is slow. The Cowboys only converted 4 of their 14 third down attempts on Sunday. But this is the kind of stuff that is only going to get better as he gains more confidence and more rhythm with his offense. You know what would stall that progress? Benching him!

The temptation to start a guy that has been as good as Tony Romo has over the last decade is understandable. But let’s be real, the Cowboys have it MADE right now. They can start their rookie QB that is absolutely on fire, and still have Romo waiting in the wings just in case things start to go to hell. Romo would be the best backup QB in the league by a mile. And while he wouldn’t be happy about it, you know he’s going to be a good soldier for Jerry Jones, so not only will he wait his turn to be called upon, but because he’s a team guy, you can bet he’ll be helping to coach up Dak.

This is a win-win. Any Cowboys fan that wants to mess with the formula they’ve got going right now is a sap that needs to get over it. Embrace Dak. Let Romo go. The new era is here and it’s time you get used to it. Romo had his shot. And now it’s Dak’s. Hell, this could work out perfectly. The Cowboys have found their q.b. for the next decade, and Romo can end his career somewhere else with a chance to win a ring, ala Peyton Manning. Win win. Just as long as they don’t jerk with something that doesn’t need fixing right now.


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