15-year NFL veteran Takeo Spikes joined The Jim Rome Show on Tuesday and shared his many insightful thoughts on some of the biggest headlines around the league right now.

He responded to Cam Newton saying that he doesn’t feel safe on the field.

“I have two feelings towards it. One is, when you look at the amount of hits that he takes and you hear and you listen to what he says, I think he does have a point because he doesn’t get the calls that other quarterbacks get. Now on the other hand, which I think supersedes and overrules what my first train of thought was is, well, you go to the end zone, when you score you pull open your shirt as if you’re Superman. Well, Superman is not going to be asking for calls.”

But Spikes doesn’t think Newton is the one that should be delivering the message.

“Cam should never even be coming out and saying this. I think his owner and coaches need to be the ones coming out saying this because that’s the only way that it will be received in a proper light. When you talk to other players across the league, even retired players, they will say, ‘What is he crying about? This is a tough game. We all know it’s a tough game so there’s no need to cry.”’

Spikes also gave his reaction to the New England Patriots trading linebacker Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns.

“It’s shocking. It really reminds you and lets you know that this is a business and nobody falls in love with one particular player. It’s all about who has the most leverage. And as we all saw with this transaction with Jamie Collins he didn’t have enough leverage.”

He also gave a great analogy on the change of scenery for Collins.

“I hate it for Jamie Collins because one day you’re drinking the wine and the next day you’re picking the grapes. It’s almost like they sent him to Siberia.”

And Spikes also doesn’t think there’s much of a quarterback controversy in Dallas.

“That ship has already sailed and it’s Dak Precott’s team. No player on that team can come out and say that.”

Spikes explained that there’s no reason to mess with a good thing.

“Dak Prescott is playing so well right now. And we know about momentum. And when you have a football team playing well on the offensive side consistently you don’t want to mess with that momentum because players know what they’re going to get. Coaches know what they’re going to get. And that’s the most valuable thing is that a coach can trust what they know a player is going to do and that’s exactly what they’re getting in Dallas.”


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