The other positive is, Joe Maddon, inexplicably going to Aroldis Chapman in the 7th inning of a five run game. And then running him out there for the 8th and even letting him start the 9th with a 7 run lead. And nearly getting the guy hurt in the process when he went over to cover first base earlier. And i’ve heard Maddon’s rationale: that the Indians had runners on base with the middle of their lineup coming up. And that chapman will be fine in Game 7. You better hope so Joe, because bringing that guy in, and not only asking him to get you 7 outs, but to do so after he asking him to get a career high 8 outs in Game 5, looks pretty moronic. Especially, since Chapman has made it pretty clear he doesn’t like deviating from his norm. That he’s really not that comfortable doing anything but getting the last three outs in the 9th. So far, it has worked for Maddon, but you have to wonder if it comes back to bite the guy tonight. Imagine the heat this dude takes, if Chapman comes in a close game, gets touched up and loses?! Maddon will have to answer to that for the first of his life.

And in terms of him saying he did it because there were runners on and the middle of the lineup was due up; what he’s really saying is, there isn’t one dude in that bullpen other than Chapman that I trust. Not one dude who i think can get 3 outs before they score five runs, so i’m just going to keep riding that horse. That’s why he did it: because he was freaking out in an elimination game and he doesn’t trust anyone else in that bullpen. How hard do you think the rest of them in the bullie were tripping, watching that play out?? Chapman ended up making 62 pitches in 2 games and if not for that anthony rizzo homerun, that number probably would have been closer to 80. So regardless of what happens tonight, i still don’t like maddon going to chapman in the 7th in a five run game last night. If you don’t have faith in any of your releivers, what the hell are those guys doing on your roster?!


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