Reporter: “We saw you guys doing the air punches today. Is that something that’s turning into a theme now?”

Kyle: “Yeah the Rocky Theme. Rizzo’s got us on the Rocky theme now. We had Rocky playing in the clubhouse when we were back in Wrigley playing all day, Rocky 1 2 3 and 4. No not today, just the music, but it’s a good reminder. That’s the position we’re in right now, just try to fight and claw our way back to game 7 and that’s what we did.”

Uh – You guys realize Rocky went the distance… And then lost, right? Because when I’m thinking about motivational tactics, I’m thinking there might be a few better movies. Don’t get me wrong — Love the soundtrack, appreciate Rocky Balboa — That rematch W over Apollo in Rocky 2, taking down Clubber Lang, body slamming the Hulkster, dominating Ivan Drago and ending the Cold War? A 5-foot-8 guy with Steroids coursing through every vein of his body accusing the russians of cheating while he’s doing ab work hanging upside down while lifting boulders in the snow? I’m all about it.

But Kyle, Rizz — you guys might want to rethink this one. Because Rock got you to game 7. But now you need to pivot. Because you don’t want to be the hero going the distance but losing in the end. Even if it is a kick-ass soundtrack.


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