The Minnesota Vikings season continues to break bad. Two weeks ago, this was the last undefeated team in the NFL. A team that looked like a legitimate Super Bowl Contender. But coming off back to back ugly losses to Philadelphia and Chicago — and with an offense that’s completely broken and decimated by injuries, the Vikings now have to deal with this stunner — the surprise resignation of Norv Turner.

Adam Schefter broke the news earlier this morning. They’re in a complete free fall in Minnesota — with an offense absolutely obliterated by injuries, and now needs to get right, without the guy who was allegedly keeping the whole thing together, Turner. Question, of course, being why the hell would this guy abandon the fight at the worst possible time? When they needed him most? Was it for health reasons? A power struggle? He just folded on a losing hand? Who knows? He’s really not saying, issuing only this innocuous statement:

“I have tremendous respect for Mike Zimmer, our coaching staff, and our players and at this time I think it is in the best interest of the team to step down. I thank the Wolf family for my time here in Minnesota and want to see our players and coaches achieve success.”

You have tremendous respect for Zimmer, but just quit on him when he needed you most. You want to see the players and coaches achieve success, but you know how much tougher you just made it for them by bailing right in the middle of the season. Still, I can’t judge. Because I have no idea what happened here. Did he quit? Was he asked to leave? Is he dealing with health or personal issues. I have no idea, because neither he nor anyone else are saying. But I know this much: the Vikes are jacked up. And they were even before Turner bounced.

Tight ends coach Pat Shurmur will take over as interim O.C. He’ll continue to work with Norv’s son Scott, who is the team’s quarterbacks coach. And they’ll be tasked with finding a way to protect Sam Bradford and get the running game on track behind an embarrassing and decimated offensive line.

Again, this is a team that had pegged for Super Bowl contention. This looked like the best team in the NFC. And now they have Turner packing his things — either given a pink slip or abandoning ship amidst a two-game slump that turned this team from contender to pretender.

The nightmare continues in Minnesota. And it will get worse before it gets better and this team is not going anywhere.


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