Unbelievable game! Given what the Cubs had to overcome (the comeback, the rain delay, the history, the fact that they were down 3-1) that was the greatest game 7 ever.

I mean, i’m watching it last night thinking, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t care who wins and loses. I never care who wins or loses; so why am I so uptight. Why am I freaking out? Because it was that good. That intense.

Cubs: that’s an amazing crew. We knew how good they were. They’ve got freaky talent that jumps right off the page. They won 103 games during the regular season for a reason; they were far and away the best team in baseball. We knew how talented they were; we just did not know how tough they were. Or how much grit they had. But they proved it last night with that insane comeback. When their closer, Aroldis Chapman came in, and got yacked by Rajai Davis for a three runner in the 8th, most teams look for a place to lie down and die. Most teams go right into the tank. They were in full meltdown mode. Their closer was allegedly in tears. Cleveland had all the mo. The fans, sensing their team was about to pull the miracle were geeked out of their minds. And Chicago was on the ropes, getting battered and not defending itself.

Then the rain came: and that’s usually a bad thing. But not in this case. Not for the Cubs. GM Jed Hoyer called it “divine intervention” and that’s exactly what it was. Because it gave them a chance to settle the hell down, hit the reset button and regroup. Which is exactly what they did.

That’s no one off either: they didn’t just go all in to win one. Or built to rip one: their young nucleus is a unbelievable. Sure, they have resources. And they threw some money at it. But they didn’t buy that world championship. Team President Theo Epstein planned his work and worked it beautifully, and while it may have taken them 108 years to get one, that’s not going to be the only one. Nothing is promised, but I can promise there’s more where that came from.

The curse is dead: now all those 180 year olds, rocking their oxygen tanks, they interviewed during the series who all said, if their Cubbies could just pull this off, they could die happily; can now lie down and take the most peaceful of all dirt naps: because their boys did it.

Backlash: one interesting thing about it; the Cubs were the so-called lovable losers. The team you could always pull for because they hadn’t won it in 108 years and had their hearts broken so many times. Yet, whenever I asked anyone who was neither a Cubs fan or an Indians fan, who they wanted, almost everyone said the Indians.


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