The Rams lost again, and still no sign of quarterback Jared Goff, this year’s first overall pick.

And to listen to Jeff Fisher, it still sounds like Goff isn’t anywhere near a snap.

Look, when you’re 3-1 and still in the hunt, I get why you’d want to play Case Keenum over Goff. Never mind not being able to beat out Keenum, let’s not forget, initially, Goff didn’t even beat out Sean Mannion. Which should have been the first sign that something was seriously off. But they’re not the team that won 3 of their first four. They’re not in the hunt for anything. They’re dead in the water. They’re 3-5, they’ve lost 4 in a row so now it’s time to see what Goff has.

Again, it’s not like this guy is backing up Brett Favre or Joe Montana. He’s backing up Case Keenum, a journeyman. The guy has more picks than he does T.D.’s this year.

The Rams offense is anemic. Not only did you draft Goff number one overall, you gave up a boatload to get him. Get him out there, start the clock and the learning curve and let’s see what he’s got.

The fact that he’s not, juxtaposed against other rookies like Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz who are, and are having success makes it look even worse. But still not as bad as the L.A. fans who were chanting Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. They’d rather have an injured failed baseball player at quarterback than what they currently have.

This whole thing is pretty bizarre. I mean, why the hell isn’t Goff playing? There’s a reason. And I know it’s not because Case Keenum is awesome.

Question is, what is the reason? Is he that bad? Is he that far behind? And if so, what in the world were they doing taking him with the first pick overall, much less giving up what you gave up to get him.

Look, I’m a Jeff Fisher guy: contrary to what some of you think, I do think he knows what the hell he’s doing. But this one is hard to figure.

Sure, you don’t want come into L.A. and give up on your first season at the 9 week more. But while L.A. fans are apathetic, they’re not stupid. They know this team isn’t going anywhere. And now they want to know why you took this guy first and why you gave up so much to get him. They want to know if Goff can play.

So let’s find out. Give him the rock. And start the clock. There’s absolutely no reason not to at this point.



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