San Diego! Show me your lightning bolt!

Last place never looked so good! Huge win over the Titans yesterday to get to 4-5 and stay alive in the AFC West! But, perhaps even more importantly, they send the voters to the ballot box with a win.

The stadium initiative needs a 2/3 approval tomorrow. I’m not saying it’s going to pass. Far from it. Because it probably won’t. But the last thing you want to do is send the voters to the ballot box with a bad a loss.

Question is, did they save their season with that win? And now, can the voters save them from rolling north to L.A.

As a refresher…Measure C is an initiative that would raise the hotel tax in San Diego County to help publicly finance a new stadium that the Chargers have been trying to get built for years. And if you have been to Qualcomm any time recently, you could see why the team feels that way.

It sounds great, right: raise a ton of dough, to get a new stadium and keep the team in town, without going into the wallets of the people that live there to do it. How often are residents of San Diego checking into their local neighborhood hotel anyway? Never? So you’re talking about a tax that most people in San Diego will never pay.

If only it were that simple. But it’s not. Of course. You may see that on the ballot and think, oh hell yeah, I’m not losing my team, I’ll vote for that. Or you might be a resident and think, man, that money should be going someplace else. To something more important.

Not to mention, voters may not want to support it on principle, thinking that owners should come up with their own money for their own stadium. In other words, why are rich owners going to people who aren’t rich to fund their stadium. And are the fans going to bail out a team who may think already turned their back on them when considering a deal previous to join the Raiders in Carson? Have they just forgotten about that? So I’m saying, I have a bad feeling about ol Measure C tomorrow.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying it shouldn’t pass. I’m saying I don’t think it will.

Believe me, that team belongs in that town. Because believe me, this town really doesn’t need or want them. I’m not even convinced L.A. needs or wants the Rams. So the town doesn’t want them, the players don’t really want to be here and Charger fans obviously don’t want them to leave. I’d love to see them stay right where they are. I just don’t think they will.

I think Measure C will fail tomorrow and the Chargers will finish out this year knowing they’re as good as gone.


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