Conor McGregor did it again. In fact, he pretty much did exactly what he said he would do. He made UFC history by becoming the first fighter to hold belts in multiple divisions. And he said he’d rip Eddie Alvarez’s belt by knocking him out. Which is exactly what he did.

Well, to be fair, he said he’d knock him out in the first round. And that was a second round knockout. But why split hairs? He knocked him down three times in the first round. And then a fourth time in the second round, before jumping on him and was on the verge of beating Alvarez’s brains in, before the ref jumped in and stopped it.

All hail the king, who is far and away the biggest thing in his sport and probably the biggest thing in all of sports right now.

He ran his mouth, yet again, prior to arguably the biggest fight, on the biggest stage in UFC history, in Madison Square Garden where they had their biggest live gate ever, on the way to the UFC’s biggest pay per view ever… and once again, he backed up all that incredible smack that he ran leading up to the fight.

And I’ll say it again: along with Muhammad Ali, I’ve never seen a guy with a better rap, and who’s a better showman that Conor McGregor. In any sport. He is in a class by himself in that regard. There’s no one even close.

And with every fight, and every guy he puts to sleep, the legend grows bigger and bigger.

And he would tell you, there’s no one in his class as a fighter either. In fact, that’s exactly what he told us after the fight. None of these guys are in my class: “They’re not on my level. You’ve got to have size, reach, length. You’ve got to have some attributes. If you don’t, I will rip your head off. That’s what I say every time.”

He’s right. Unless you bring something really unique and significantly different to it, you’re probably not going to beat it.

Thing is, we thought Eddie Alvarez did. We thought Alvarez was a great wrestler who could give Conor a lot of trouble. One problem. Alvarez didn’t wrestle. Unless his idea of wrestling, was continue to pound Conor’s fist, with his face.

And when you win that fight, on that big a stage, in that fashion, you know Conor was going to go full Conor after he did it. And it was a glorious fight. Other than the performance, the highlight of the night was Conor being humbled by the moment. And taking a step back. And apologizing to everyone he cracked during the promotion leading up to the fight:


Because he was going to apologize to anyone for anything. Sure he wasn’t. Another laugh out loud Conor moment.

Question now is, where does that leave Conor. He did what he set out to do; win two belts. He’s the biggest thing in his sport. By far. And he’ll remind you, that it’s a company that sold for $4.2 billion dollars. And now, he’s no longer satisfied just being the highest paid guy in the sport. He wants to be a partner. An owner. He wants a share of the company that he insists he helped build to what it is today.

Remember, when I spoke to Dana White in the days leading up to the fight, I said Conor sees himself as a partner. How do you see him? And Dana said, I see him as a partner too. When I said a lot of fighters didn’t like him getting a shot to win a second belt while not having to defend his first and I asked if he gets special treatment; and Dana yes, he does. Because he’s a special dude. The rest of them are not like him.

We know this, he announced he and his girlfriend are having a baby and that he will take some time off. He should. Having a child is obviously huge. And he’s been extremely busy in the cage. He should take time off. It will be interesting to see what the next new few cards look like without him, and whether he comes back as a fighter or a partner.




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