How About Them Cowboys?!?

Enough about Tony Romo. Because every word wasted on the injured quarterback takes away from what Dak Prescott is doing. And every look back at what used to be in Dallas discounts what’s happening right now. Because these Cowboys have their new stars. And they’re Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Because Prescott continues to do everything it takes to win football games. He was 22 of 32 for 319 yards and two touchdowns. And Elliott continues to make Jerry Jones look brilliant for taking him with the No. 4 overall pick — the Ohio State product having a monster game and putting up MVP numbers as a rookie, ripping back the win for the Cowboys yesterday with three touchdowns, including the 32-yarder in the game’s final seconds.

The old Cowboys don’t win this football game. Not after Big Ben pulled his Marino and rallied the Steelers with 42 seconds left for the go-ahead touchdown. The old Cowboys don’t end up on the winning side of a game that had seven lead changes. Those are the games where Jerrah and ginger’s teams used to fold — the head sets hitting the ground after Romo throws one of those patented late-game interceptions where he’s trying — usually too hard –to pull a W out of the hat.

But that’s not this football team. And that’s not this quarterback. Because even without Mo Claiborne and Barry Church in the secondary the Cowboys went to Pittsburgh and won their 8th straight.

And even after an early fumble set up the Steelers for their first score, Prescott didn’t flinch — shaking it off on his way to another near-perfect day.

The Cowboys hit pay dirt in the 4th round of the draft, pick 135 turning to gold for a Cowboys franchise that was on red alert for a quarterback to back up Tony Romo. Well, Prescott did them one better — and while the football gods aren’t always kind to Romo, this is an amazing time in Big D. And as I’ve been saying for weeks now, it’s no longer Romo’s time.

So stop talking about the guy. The boys are 8-1. And while Seattle may ultimately have something to say about it, the NFC very well could run right through Dallas in the playoffs. And ever since, someone talked Jerrah out of Johnny Idiotface on draft day, it’s been all gold for the boys.

Jerrah finally started listening to those around him. And what do you know? He’s finally running this team like a real life GM, and it’s finally paying off.

I used to say it all the time: What’s more important. Being the man? Or winning games that matter? Because in your situation, you clearly can’t do both. Because you didn’t win jack after running Jimmy Johnson and taking control of football ops. Hell, your team, your billions, your decisions. But clearly, these two things are mutually exclusive. At least they used to be.

Seems to me, the more authority he turns over to his son, and shrewd dudes around him, the better they’ve done. Suddenly, Jerrah is drafting elite offensive lineman. He’s letting DeMarco Murray walk in free agency. He’s stopped trying to trade for 30-year old running backs like Adrian Peterson. And if he’s smart, he’ll stop talking about Tony Romo.

Because I don’t care if Romo looks good at practice. That’s all that is. Practice. And he doesn’t look better than Dak does in games. This is Dak’s team and it would be idiotic to mess with the unbelievable chemistry they all have now. The guy just stood toe to toe with Ben Roethlisberger, trading haymakers in the center of the ring, and he won.  There’s no decision to be made here. No call to make.

And if Jerrah and ginger are too stupid to realize what they have then shame on them. Because what they have is a legit Super Bowl contender and the nucleus of a team that could be elite for years to come if they’re smart.


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