Eddie Alvarez’s take after he got iced. “I fought a stupid fight.” You really did. What were you thinking, Ed??

He was never in that fight. Completely outclassed. Physically, mentally and tactically.

Other than handling the defeat with class, I can’t think of anything positive to say about how his night went.

He sure as hell didn’t do anything positive in the cage. What were you thinking, Eddie? I mean, what was the plan?? Well, he says, quote: “the idea wasn’t to go in there and box and stand in front of him. I didn’t fight a good fight… we started throwing kicks and the kicks were successful. I would have started throwing more. We didn’t wrestle enough. The idea was to go in there and wrestle. Wrestle a guy who likes to box and I didn’t do that. Not quite sure why I didn’t do that. But I didn’t do it tonight, and I paid for it. He capitalized.”

Alvarez is a good dude. And a good fighter. But that was a really, really dumb approach.

Why are you going to stand in front of the game’s best striker. Especially when there are questions about his ground game; and you’re a great wrestler. You said it yourself. Wrestle a guy who likes to box.

And while he admits it was a stupid approach, he doesn’t know why he did it. Actually, I can help you with that one Ed. It’s one of those two things. One, Conor tore you up psychologically. He got under your skin, in your head, just like he does nearly everyone he fights leading up to the bout; and then he got you to do things you shouldn’t do and think things you should think. Namely, that you should stand right in front of him, and try to knock him the hell out. That’s not your game. Not against that guy.

But this is what Conor does: he gets into guys’ heads and takes them out of their game. He hooked you, and then knocked you the hell out. That’s what happened. And that’s why you fought such a stupid fight. Because he got in your head and you lost your composure and fought the fight he wanted you to fight, not the one you had planned on fighting.

Dumb fight Ed. I’m not saying you would have won by fighting a smarter fight. But I will say you had no chance of winning that fight, fighting the way you did. Alvarez was the epitome of class in defeat. But he’s right. He fought a really dumb fight.


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