Jason La Canfora

Info & Stats: CBS Sports NFL Insider

All Topics: Seattle going into Foxborough and beating New England | Seattle not getting enough credit | Seattle rubs people the wrong way maybe | Dak Prescott is the man in Dallas right now | Green Bay Packers losing to Tennessee | Brock Osweiler |

Nov 14th 2016

Jason on the 6-3 Houston Texans: “I can’t imagine them winning in January with Brock Osweiler.”


Oct 10th 2016

All Topics: Tom Brady’s return | Brady’s tight ends | Brock Osweiler’s struggles | Minnesota going to 5-0 | Minnesota having trade value at quarterback | San Diego Chargers struggles | Baltimore Orioles | The Replacements show

JLC on Tom Brady’s impressive return: “Away they go in New England.”


Sept 1st 2016

All Topics: Teddy Bridgewater injury | Didn’t think Minnesota was really a Super Bowl contender with Bridgewater | Bridgewater still needed to make strides | Tony Romo injury | John Harbaugh wanting to eliminate the preseason | Russell Wilson | Pete Carroll | Jay Cutler | RG3

Jason on RG3’s 2016 Season: “Feast or famine.”


July 21st 2016

All Topics: Summer is over | Few days out of NFL Training Camps | Ryan Fitzpatrick – Jets situation | Fitzpatrick has no other suitors for the money the Jets are offering | Kirk Cousins | Washington franchising Cousins | Speaking with Brett Favre recently | Ending of Favre’s career | Favre injury concern entering the NFL | Ron Wolf trading Atlanta for Favre | Favre and Wolf’s relationship

JLC on Brett Favre: “Still has that twinkle in his eyes.”


Apr 29th 2016

All Topics: NFL Draft | Laremy Tunsil’s draft night | Tunsil’s weed video | Good chance Tunsil will probably start in the league’s substance abuse program | Tunsil living in Miami | Miami Dolphins offensive line issues from the past | Denver trading up for Paxton Lynch | GNR |

JLC talks NFL Draft.


Feb 1st 2016 

All Topics: Pro Bowl | Pro Bowl Debacle | Carolina Panthers offense | Kelvin Benjamin knee injury | Peyton Manning | Super Bowl 50 should be Peyton’s last ride | Peyton playing somewhere else | Manning’s legacy | HGH allegations from | Calvin Johnson’s retirement | Would be surprised if Johnson came back | Johnny Manziel | Manziel has to be done in Cleveland | Hue Jackson | Chargers |

JLC on if Super Bowl 50 will be Peyton Manning’s last rodeo: “It better be.”


Jan 14th 2016

All Topics: Relocation meetings in Houston | Dr. Death | Relocation committee’s vote not carrying the day in Houston | Chargers owner Dean Spanos being blindsided | Jerry Jones’ proposal of putting the Rams and Chargers together in Los Angeles | Expects Chargers to move to Inglewood | Stan Kroenke | Mark Davis being the 3rd wheel | The NFL in St. Louis | New York Giants hiring Ben McAdoo

JLC talks NFL relocation.


Nov 23rd 2015

All Topics: Cincinnati losing their second in a row | Brock Osweiler deserves an A for his performance vs. Chicago | Peyton Manning’s future in Denver | Not sure Manning should play if Denver continues to win with Osweiler | Manning’s last year | Cam Newton is his MVP right now | People have too much time on their hands if they’re complaining about Cam’s dancing | Philadelphia Eagles struggles | Chip Kelly’s future |

JLC on Cincinnati’s Super Bowl chances this year: “History would tell us we know how it’s going to end.”




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