The Dallas Cowboys notched their 8th consecutive win yesterday with a 35-30 rally in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora believes that victory finally puts a stake in the heart of the idea that Tony Romo will take over for Dak Prescott at quarterback this season.

“Injuries obviously could sway things and if they go into some sort of a multi-week swoon before the playoffs, then there could be decisions to be made,” La Canfora told The Jim Rome Show on Monday. “Look, they are not going to stay on this course forever. They’re not going to run the table, but if Prescott avoids an absolute bottoming out of his play, then yeah, I think he’s going to keep this going.

“If he has two or three rough weeks in a row, then you know Jerry, and you know what he thinks of Tony, and you know what that team now thinks the expectations are, right? It’s not just let’s have a bounce back year and compete in a pedestrian division. It’s “How Bout Them Cowboys?” Super Bowl. I don’t know. We will have to see how it plays out. It’s a crazy week to week league, but to this point, Prescott is doing his thing, and they’ve got a magic carpet ride going there, and even Jerry is not going to disrupt that.”

Along with Dallas’ big win, the Seattle Seahawks caught the eye of the league yesterday with their performance at New England. La Canfora said you can’t help but be impressed with Seattle’s 31-24 win over the Patriots after a short week.

“Just take away the degree of difficulty, considering who they were playing last night and where they were playing, where that’s pretty much a fortress during the regular season, Foxborough, and especially in these primetime games, and then factor in that oh yeah, they played a game Monday Night, a really agonizing, long, grueling, physical game against Buffalo that came down to the last play and they did that in Seattle,” La Canfora said.

La Canfora said he picked the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl earlier this year and added, “I feel like I pick them to go to the Super Bowl every year, and I feel like there’s people out there who it’s always Arizona or Green Bay. I mean, nobody’s won more games in the NFC in the last five years than Seattle, no one has done what Russell Wilson’s done that early in his career, and he’s healthy again.”

The NFL Insider shared his opinion on why he believes Seattle just doesn’t get the credit they’ve deserved over the last few seasons.

“It’s not the way I think people want to see it,” La Canfora said of Seattle’s style. “Like one week it’s Jimmy Graham, another week it’s Russell Wilson, one week it’s Doug Baldwin, next week it might be (Thomas) Rawls if he comes back or whatever. Defensively, they’ve been excellent, but they’ve slipped a little bit this year when the injuries struck when (Michael) Bennett and Kam Chancellor were out.”

La Canfora also believes a lot of people don’t like their star players or coach, for some reason, therefore leading them to overlook their success.

“I think Richard Sherman is a little bit of a sort of polarizing figure. I’m a big fan of his, but he’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Even Pete Carroll, I think he rubs some people the wrong way. I think he’s incredibly positive and optimistic maybe some people think there’s a bit of phoniness in there, and I personally don’t. And Russell Wilson too, you know, he gets a lot of sort of abuse out there on social media,” La Canfora said.

La Canfora said Wilson catches flack in Seattle for some reason.

“I’ve done podcasts with friends of mine, and I’m on the radio out there quite a bit, and there’s definitely a loud and vocal faction of people who kind of think he’s phony,” La Canfora said about Wilson. “And I’m like ok, maybe he needs to spend like 50 more hours at Children’s Hospital for you to believe it’s real. But that’s what they’re kind of up against, and I think collectively all of that bogs it down and makes some people obscure, obscures their view of like what they’ve accomplished over the last whatever, five, six years.”


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