Another kick in the junk for the Bengals, who found yet another way to lose a game they should have won.

There’s a helluva lot to like about the Bengals. And coming off a 12 win season, I really thought this was the year they finally made their run. Finally took that huge step. Hell, I’ll say it. They were on my short list of legitimate Super Bowl contenders. I’ll own that.

But that’s clearly not happening, and at 3-5-1, they’re one of the biggest disappointments in the league this year.

And they need to own that. There’s plenty going wrong with them right now, and very little going right. They’re not putting teams away. They’re not finishing. And they should be running away with the sorry AFC North. Instead, they’re barely hanging on.

HELL…They’ve lost more games by mid-November than they did all last season. And that’s not counting that sister kiss they had in London.

Where’s the killer instinct with this crew? What the hell is going on with them offensively? Andy Dalton had multiple second-half chances to rip away that win from the Giants, but came up empty drive after drive after drive.

And we’ve seen this time and time again this year. Hey Red, if you didn’t have a sense of urgency in a must win, Monday night game, when are you going to have it? What’s going on?

“We’ve got to find a way to flip the switch and get these games to turn into wins…We have to take a good hard look at what we’re doing and correct the things that are hurting us.”

Something’s wrong. Add in some questionable clock management before half and some conservative play calling and Marvin Lewis — the second-longest tenured head coach in the NFL – might starting to feel his seat warm up.

I get not having Tyler Eifert for a stretch hurt them. And that this offense isn’t the same without Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu — especially on 3rd down, when the Bengals converted just 2 of 11. They’re not the same team without those guys. Those are tough losses to overcome. But that’s not the only reason they’re 3-5-1.

And even if the defense showed flashes last night, they came up small in the game’s biggest moments and then rolled over late — letting the Giants kill the clock by running it through the Bengals front seven.

I am not a fire the head coach guy. Especially when that head coach is Marvin Lewis, a guy who took this franchise from laughing stock to respectability. But nobody is untouchable in this league — and Marvin knows that. Especially when a move at GM isn’t coming, not when the guy picking the players is also the one scratching out the checks.

And just as important, this DIVISION is too bad for the Bengals not to be good enough to win it. Coming off a bye week, you expected the Bengals to jump-start their season. Instead, we’re looking at a team that’s only got 3 wins on November 15th, when on the same date last year they were 8-0.

There’s time to fix it – especially with divisional play. They get the Ravens twice and Pittsburgh at home. They get another slump-buster against the Browns. The wins are out there. But at this point, Cincy fans — you’d probably pay to have that chance to lose another first-round playoff game.


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