Tony Romo is physically ready to start. But he’s not getting his job back. Knows it. And while he’s probably not happy about it, he’s handling it professionally. But accepting it. By accepting that this is now Dak’s team and that he’s a backup. By accepting that he may have played his last down in Dallas already.

Prescott has led them to 8 straight wins. They have the best record in the NFC; they might be the team to beat in that conference. They’re rolling right now. Why would they do anything to disrupt that? Much less, risk jacking it up completely by hitting the brakes and trying to work a 36-year old who hasn’t played in a year, back into the mix. They’re not doing that. Nor should they.

Romo had a great run in Dallas. He may still have a future in the league at 36. But not with the Cowboys. It’s tired but it’s true; the NFL does stand for ‘not for long.’ Everyone gets replaced. Including Romo.

And he knows he’s no different than anyone else in that regard. Better q.b.’s than Romo have been replaced. That’s why he’s not making any noise. And has accepted his role as a backup. Because he has no choice.

And considering how incredible everything is going for them right now, handling this any other way than he has, would make him look like a bad guy. And he knows that too. It’s so obvious this is Dak’s team, even Jerry Jones knows it.

The Cowboys haven’t looked this good in years. Haven’t been this relevant in years.

And they have a rookie q.b., who is doing things that have never been done before. This cat is special. And the Cowboys are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Why the hell would you mess with any of that? You wouldn’t. And they’re not.


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