Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks joined The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday fresh off an impressive performance against the Atlanta Falcons, in which his defense held the NFL’s highest scoring offense to 15 points. Hicks shared his thoughts on his new coordinator Jim Schwartz’s defense.

“It’s just a mindset thing. This defense, in my opinion, is the ultimate accountability defense,” Hicks said. “One person out of that gap, the play’s explosive, it’s going to be a big play. So everybody has to be accountable, everybody has to do their job every down, and every down counts and everybody on this defense understands that, and when we get in those tough games and those dog fights, we just buckle down and ultimately fall back on the basics, and it doesn’t matter if they make a play or not. We have a bend but don’t break mentality. They can get in the red zone, but they can’t score. That type of mentality is what I think makes this defense so special.”

Hicks and his teammates will need the same type of mentality against Seattle this week, and the former Texas Longhorn talked about the challenges in facing the Seahawks’ offense.

“The ability for Russell (Wilson) to extend plays,” Hicks said of the Seattle quarterback. “He does such a good job of being crafty and escaping the pocket and making plays down field with his legs and looking to throw. He’s so versatile, and in order for us to be successful, we’re going to have to contain him.

“First is the run, like every week, and then it’s containing him. We got to try to keep him in the pocket, try to obviously make him throw, crash him. So it’s going to be a tough challenge, tough day, but you know what, we’ve rose to a lot of challenges, and I’ve got a lot of trust in the defense and in this team.”

In the off-season, the team released middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans allowing Hicks to slide into his starting spot. The 24-year-old talked about the difficulty of taking his mentor’s position.

“It was difficult, because we were so tight, and we still are to this day,” Hicks said. “I talked to DeMeco not too long ago and caught up and talked a little bit about football and what’s going on in his life and everything. You know, it is a business and he understood that. He’s been around a lot longer than I have, so he understands.

“But at the end of the day, you know they brought in another guy Stephen Tulloch, who has played under Jim Schwartz for so long, since he came into the league, and I’ve learned a whole bunch of new things about the scheme and picked his brain about football and about what’s going on on the field. So it’s been a transition, definitely, but you know what, it’s that constant rotation that you find in football, and as long as you make the most out of opportunity, you will be fine.”


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