Hour 1

Baseball Award Controversy Talk | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | John Calipari (College Basketball) Interview


Hour 2

@kateupton’s Straight Fire | Ink Nation On Brad Calipari’s Tattoo | LSU Head Coaching Opening


Hour 3

Mexico’s Water Problems | RGME Tweeting Articles About Comeback | Tony Lippett (NFL) Interview



John Calipari

Kentucky head coach on Larry Brown: “That’s all he wants to do is basketball.”


Tony Lippett

Miami cornerback on his week in So Cal: “Had to get me some In-N-Out Burger.”


Boomer Esiason

Former quarterback on playing for Sam Wyche in Cincy: “Some of the great memories of my career.”



Garbage Cy Young Award Voting

The AL and NL CY Young Award winners were announced yesterday and surprise!  There’s controversy. Folks are freaking out.
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@kateupton’s Straight Fire

I know this, I have never been as happy to see a blue check next to someone’s name as I was Kate Upton’s after that lava.
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Leave Bartman Alone

Now that they finally got over, the Cubs apparently are looking to reach out to Steve Bartman.
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Eyes On The Prize, Browns

Don’t get any stupid ideas. Don’t any of you think about playing hero ball now.
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NFL In Mexico

Roger Goodell’s definitely not getting any of those “World’s Greatest Boss” mugs for Christmas.
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