Meanwhile in Cleveland, Robert Griffin III is on pace to return this season. And we know that because RG3 was re-tweeting articles that reported the news.

And name one other alleged star athlete who retweets articles about himself? Thus proving his social media game is as whack as ever. But after going down in week one with a broken bone in his non-throwing shoulder, Griffin was made available to reporters on Wednesday, where he waxed poetic about the road to recovery.

“HOPE ALWAYS DIES LAST…A good friend of mine told me that.”

This guy man. He is a beauty. And his recovery comes along at the perfect time — what with Hue Jackson just finally is getting around to acknowledging that maybe, just maybe, he’s been a little bit hard on rookie quarterback Cody Kessler.

“I think Cody’s done some good things, too… Quarterbacks do that from time to time.”

Hue – don’t be so hard on yourself. In fact, hooking the rookie right after half of a tight game and having Josh McCown let the Ravens run away with the easy win – may have just SAVED this historic season.

Face it, that was probably the last winnable game on your schedule. And right when y’all looked like you were going choke, and win, you imploded beautifully. So if anything, you’re not giving yourself enough credit, Hue. This has been masterful work by a first-year head coach. Hell, at what point are we going to start talking about Hue Jackson as Coach of the Year?

He has been nothing short of brilliant during the Brown’s perfect 10-game start. My man has shown a Midas touch — jerking quarterbacks in and out, refusing to just give the ball to Kessler, a guy he used a 3rd rounder on when he bet big on the former USC starter who some thought might go undrafted. It’s not easy to lose ten games in a row. That requires making the right move at the wrong time, every step of the way. And so far, Hue and the Browns have done it.

And now there’s a possibility they might have RG3 for the stretch run??

This thing is looking all sorts of beautiful this weekend. A desperate, wounded, reeling Pittsburgh coming to town. Right on the heels of Ben Roethlisberger calling out his teammates for their lackluster effort in recent weeks.

Eyes on the prize, Browns. Don’t get any stupid ideas. Don’t any of you think about playing hero ball now. Focus on the process. And by that, I mean, MAN DOWN. ROLL OVER. TAKE YOUR KNEE SIX MORE TIMES. 10 down, six to go.

No one will ever remember a 1-15 team. But no one will ever forget 0-16. 0-16 is forever. Do that, and you go right to the ink shop and gets stamped on your face. And none of the 53 of you or anyone on that coaching staff will ever have to buy another beer in that town ever again. Don’t let me down. 10 down 6 to go.

WHATEVER IT TAKES. Or like Bob himself likes to say, no pressure, no diamonds. NO PRESSURE, NO DIAMONDS!!


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