Now that they finally got over, the Cubs apparently are looking to reach out to Steve Bartman. Bartman, of course, was in the wrong place, at the wrong; his seat at Wrigley, for Game 6 of the NLCS vs. The Marlins, when he and Moises Alou both tried to come up with a foul ball…


Of course, from the second that happened, no life Cub fans made it their mission to ruin this cat’s life. Never mind that Bartman had about as much to do with the Cubs losing that game and series and the Cubs being losers for the better part of a century as the goat or any other stupid curse.

But that didn’t stop Cubs fans from ruining this guy’s life and having him go into an unofficial witness protection program. He apparently is still alive. Still in the area. And has a job. But almost no one has seen or heard from him since.

But now, apparently, the Cubs want to make it right. Cubs’ owner Tom Ricketts told USA Today they’ll reach out to Bartman, quote “at the right time. I’m sure we’ll figure something out that provides closure for everybody. Hopefully we can make it work.”

You’ll reach out to him… at the right time. The right time was right after it happened.  Maybe then, this guy would still have his life.

Bartman was not the reason they lost that game. Or that series. Bartman’s not the one that gave up 8 runs and five hits in that inning, the Cubs did. And Bartman isn’t the one who lost Game 7. That was the Cubs also.

He was never the bad guy. It’s everyone else who lose their domes and wrecked this guy’s life. And now that you finally have won, you want to come back and make it right for him 13 years later? By doing what? How are you going to make it right for him? Have you figured out a way to turn back the clock? Or to somehow give him back the 13 years that were ripped from him.

You did nothing to qwell the furor went it went down; did nothing to own that choke job that had nothing to do with him, in fact, were more than happy to put it on him, instead of looking in the mirror.

But you now, you want to make it right with the guy? You want to make it right with Bartman, leave him the hell alone. The guy hasn’t done a single interview since it happened: he obviously doesn’t want the attention or the pub. Dude just wants to be left alone.

Why? Because his life was ruined for doing something that pretty much anyone else sitting in aisle 4 row 8 seat 113 would have done.

Closure? Hopefully Bartman gives them closure by slamming the door in their face when they do come knocking.


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