Just when I thought things were on course and moving in the right direction on the S.S. America’s Team, captain Jerry Jones had to grab the wheel and steer dead left back towards Romo Island for absolutely no reason.

Because ol’ Jerrah couldn’t resist entertaining the Dallas Morning News’ probes on what’s next for Tony Romo.

“It’s not a goodbye. I think Tony has five years left of really competing for a super bowl. I believe tony will be the quarterback on a super bowl team. I believe that strongly. We’re talking generic now, and I have no plans for him not to be part of the Dallas cowboys. Not a consideration. It is very tenable for me to see on a long-term basis with us being strong at quarterback with these two. That’s where we are.”

Come on Jerrah! Stick to the script. Just like Tony did when he read his own eulogy from one three days ago.

Why are you swerving way out of your way to throw out some bizarre prediction about a five year plan for Romo out there? That may be your five year plan, but I guarantee Romo has one of his own. And it doesn’t include you.

What it does include is his bouncing the second the season is over to another team and city that will give him a chance to start and to chase that illusive ring that he can shove up your backside, and get everyone off his back with.

You know that right? I get that this is like your surrogate son. And that seeing him in someone else’s uniform would wound you deeply. And seeing him win a ring in someone else’s uniform would be even more painful. But you can’t have it both ways.

You can tell this guy, we’re ripping your job and your dream, but we don’t want you to go anywhere. Just stay here with your ball cap, help the kid prepare and keep yourself ready in the event we do ever need you. This isn’t a problem, T. It’s a situation. And a damn good one to be in. For you, Jerrah.

Romo’s gone. He’s got a foot out the door. And you can’t blame him. Just as no one blames you for telling him you’re going with Dak. Just stop telling the rest of us, you can see Romo finishing out his contract and his career with you. Because he can’t. And he won’t.

And next time a reporter is trying to lead you down the Romo trail, just pull a page from the hoodie and rip off four straight b-bombs.

Baltimore. Baltimore. Baltimore. Baltimore.




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