Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy took time away from preparing for his team’s matchup against TCU this weekend to join The Jim Rome Show on Friday and reflect on one of the greatest press conference rants of all-time, his “I’m 40, I’m a Man!” rant from 2007. When asked how he’d celebrate his 50th birthday next summer, Gundy said he potentially has a plan for it.

“I’m thinking about doing some kind of draw to set up a remake of the rant at 50 compared to 40, and to see if I could get a little social media coverage there for a little marketing for the team,” Gundy laughed. “We got to set it up. There’s enough people. You know, we have about four or five people that work in our facility now in football just on social media and communication in marketing over the internet. Surely one of those guys that’s a lot smarter than me can come up with a good way that can top that at 50.”

Gundy acknowledged how quickly things have changed over the last 10 years, and pointed out the power of internet information over traditional news outlets, and referenced the United States’ presidential election as proof at its accuracy.

“There’s not any secrets, people have instant information on what’s going on in the world,” Gundy said. “Just like that election, what we just saw, all the different polls and the actual internet and social media polls were more accurate than the ones coming across your national media, and so that’s the direction the world’s going.”

The former Big 12 Coach Of The Year said their staff is a reflection of what’s happening.

“I mean eight years ago we didn’t have anybody hired in football that was involved with social media and online marketing,” Gundy said. “Now we have four people and that’s all they do. So you kind of got to get caught up with the times if not you’re going to get left behind.”

As for that 50th birthday party, Gundy said he might have to hit the road for it.

“I may need to have a party out in L.A. for 50. I need to put some thought into it. That might be a good place to do it,” Gundy said.




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