Hey Chiefs fan, let me borrow you for a minute. Because you, for some reason are really unhappy with me.

It started after the Raiders beat the Broncos to take over first place, and I was hyping the Raiders. Just as I had done since Week 1. But you didn’t like that. And many of you told me slow down, the real power in the AFC West is the Chiefs. That the Chiefs were the team to beat in the West, not the Broncos and certainly not the Raiders.

I get it. You hear the Raiders getting all this love in the Jungle and you’re asking, what about us?

Then, that same crowd got pretty bitter when I said yesterday on The NFL Today that the Chiefs weren’t a Super Bowl team. You never want to hear that about your team. I get that too. Just as I know this is very personal to you. But it’s not personal to me.

And as always, I’ll ask was it unfair? All I said was, this is a good team, but one lacking the offensive firepower to go on a deep run. That while Alex Smith is a good quarterback that won’t get you beat, he’s not a quarterback who’s going to make a ton of huge plays to beat teams in the postseason.

What’s so personal about that? What’s so unfair about that. Pretty much nothing, judging from Tampa Bay going into your house and beating your Super Bowl bound Chiefs a couple hours after I said it.

Look, I’m not about the Hot Take life. That was a well-reasoned, non-personal rant: you know, like all of mine are. And believe me, if I’m wrong and your guys end up winning the Super Bowl, best believe I’ll own it. But it sure doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Especially after yesterday.


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