Dak Prescott went next level with it yesterday, beating the Ravens and leading Dallas to their 9th win in a row: you know the ol rap; when things are going well, the quarterback gets too much credit. And when they aren’t, he gets an inordinate amount of the blame.

Don’t get it twisted, the guy’s unbelievable, but I also know this; Ezekiel Elliott had as much to do with their success this season as Dak did. And the same could probably be said about their offensive line.

But I’m not saying that now. Not after yesterday. Because the Ravens and their top ranked defense made it a priority to neutralize Elliott and to make Prescott make some big plays to beat them. They were betting that he couldn’t do it if they took away Elliott. And they were wrong. Prescott played huge in the second half to drop a dagger on the Ravens.

This dude’s no rookie. He looks and sounds like a ten year vet. And that’s why Tony Romo had no shot at getting his job back.

Oh and one more thing about Romo: very good player. Very good dude. Who has had some really bad luck. But enough about what a class act he was for standing up and saying it’s Dak’s team. And Dak’s time. Because that wasn’t what he said when he reportedly first went to the team and said I’m ready. Let me at least compete for that gig.

Uh-huh… because they were just going to have an open competition, in the middle of the season, when the Cowboys were riding an 8 game winning streak. Sure they weren’t. So that wasn’t Romo getting up and saying the right thing because he’s that awesome a dude. He said it because he had no choice. He said it because they weren’t going to let him get his gig back or even a chance to compete for it. He said it because it is Dak’s team. And Dak’s time.

And Prescott proved it again by carving a very good Ravens defense when they had to have it most.


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